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Video Marketing Rise: What it Brings to the Table

Have you ever seen Dollar Shave Club’s video? It generated 12,000 new orders 48 hours after its release. What about GoPro’s video of a fireman saving a kitten? The videos are examples of successful video marketing. We can see how they contributed to the brand’s image and product sales.

As it becomes more significant, it’s slowly but surely changing the marketing landscape.

Video Marketing vs. Video Advertising

You might think that this type of marketing and video advertisement are the same things. Although both use videos, they have different focus and goals.

Video marketing is the overall marketing strategy used to expose the brand. Research and analysis of the target audience are usually done in this part.

The study involves analyzing the target audience and what kind of videos would appeal to said audience. The purpose of video marketing is to define the brand and to make the audience aware of the brand. They are used to educate or give information to the audience. Marketing encompasses anything from promoting the video, from social media to e-mail marketing. The end of a video usually does not provide a call to action.

Instead, it lets the person watching make up their own conclusions. Instead of promoting the brand, video advertising helps a specific product or service. They are usually placed on one site only, such as YouTube or Twitter. The end of video advertising always ends in a call to action. Although the two types have different goals, they intertwine with each other.

Marketing and video advertising have the same goal ‒ raise awareness for the brand and/or product.

Easier Marketing With a Better Result

The Dollar Shave Club’s success might sound like clickbait, but it is a true story proving the benefit of marketing. According to Veedmedia company video marketing statistics research, the traffic through videos only growing and only will be skyrocketing in upcoming years.

Moreover, there’s a chance that people would click your e-mail marketing content if the word video is mentioned in the subject.

Another great example is Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign. Through their videos, they not only promote their products but also state the company’s long-term vision and goal. Dove was able to rebrand its reputation and show itself over a different light. The examples above show that videos does work. Videos can persuade your audience to buy your products and can even change your brand’s image for the better. Moreover, gaining success through videos is not a complicated process. You can use social media and video-sharing websites.

There is no need to hire people to give out flyers on the street. Videos are a solution to a more straightforward marketing system that does work.

Rising Prelevance of Marketing

The impact of GoPro’s video is enormous ‒ people still talk about it today. It created an everlasting impression for GoPro’s brand. This kind of result is the kind of impact companies want today. Companies realize how effective video marketing is, so they started to prioritize it.

According to the survey, 81% of manufacturing companies used this for their products. Finance and real estate sectors have also joined the bandwagon of video marketing. Companies are so invested in video marketing to the point of having creative video marketing departments.

A notable example is LINE Corporation who made original mini-dramas as their marketing strategy. This strategy did not go in vain, as people started using Line more and more now. From here, we can see that marketing is slowly used to replace traditional marketing techniques used by companies.

They are also turning video marketing into a more creative endeavor, and they might even go beyond our expectations soon.

Rise of Content Creators

According to Conductor, there was a 33% increase in vacancies for content marketing positions between 2017 and 2018. This phenomenon is one of the attempts of companies trying to be more active in the video marketing world. The videos appearing everywhere these days do not pop out by themselves.

They are made by people specialized in marketing. Videographers, copywriters, and other creative industry experts are needed to create the perfect catchy video the companies are looking for. The increase of vacancies as content creators mean that companies are taking marketing seriously.

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They see that they need to have more videos catering to the needs of the end-users. It’s understandable seeing all the benefits video marketing offers to a company’s sales and organic traffic growth.

A Brighter Future for Video marketing

Seeing how videos are often used in marketing now, it makes sense for it to be more advanced in the future. There are already some new trends involving VR (Virtual Reality), vertical videos, and AI (Artificial Intelligence). The three new trends are not the only ways this type of marketing will progress.

There are already new predictions about the future of video marketing. The first prediction is interactive videos. Interactive marketing of videos has been applied on Instagram, where a person can see a product’s price on the Instagram post. The same concept might happen sooner or later in this marketing type. A sub-category of interactive video marketing is already happening now ‒ gamified marketing.

This predicament is not without reason. Interactive marketing is useful since it requires the audience’s full attention, as the video is supposed to engage with the audience. Another possibility is video marketing on television. The original online mini-series by LINE Corporation is a stepping stone of this trend. The mini-series’ success is proof that even things such as series can be used for marketing, and it might even go to television.

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The last predicament is about the job field related to marketing. It will become mandatory. Its massive demand will require more people to work on it, thus adding more people in areas associated with videos. This phenomenon might even result in new jobs, who knows?


We can see that video marketing will play a significant role in the future. It already helped with marketing more efficiently. Moreover, more jobs are created thanks to these techniques.

The considerable effect of marketing drives people to create even more advanced systems for the future. All the things mentioned above are proof that we will not stop seeing video marketing anytime soon.

There is a chance that it will be integrated into our daily activities. Sooner or later, videos will affect not only the marketing landscape but also our lives.

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