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The Latest Digital Marketing Innovations Overview of 2021

Marketing and advertising have gone through several evolutions since the internet became a prime home for online businesses. In parallel with that, customer behavior has changed widely and created new and different eCommerce trends every day. Website owners have harnessed much of the value found in the latest digital marketing innovations as these have become available over time. Spending on advertising has reached elevated proportions as opportunities grow in this industry. Still, with thousands of innovations on the market, it isn’t easy to know which ones will benefit your business the most. If you need help seek a digital marketing consultancy. Here are six trending digital marketing innovations to leverage for website visibility for the year ahead.

Private Messaging Means Personalization

In a world where technology has largely impersonalized customer interaction, personalization is making a major comeback. This comeback is taking place as brands are starting to use smartphone apps to connect with customers in real-time. No more waiting in queues as WeChat and WhatsApp are gaining popularity for business purposes with the many integrations available. Moving away from disruptive telephone calls to text messages is convenient for customers. Texting allows them to view the message at their convenience, rather than interrupting them with annoying phone calls. Add these trending solutions to your website to keep up with marketing trends in the coming months. These apps are adding to personalization, which is a desirable trend. Additionally, it would be best if you implemented personalization into email campaigns. This integration can take the form of simply addressing your customer by name, or sending them product promotions that they are most likely to be interested in based on browsing habits.

Chatbots Are Making Inroads

Chatbots are not as personalized as texting, but they fill an automated gap in marketing. Customers can access Chatbots through website links to gain faster access to marketing and customer services. Although customers will face an automated list of available services, many of their needs can be met with this innovation. Marketing innovation importance can never be underestimated in a competitive environment. This is especially true in the wake of a further obstacle in the form of COVID-19. Digital marketing innovations such as Chatbots help businesses to connect with customers more quickly. Although still in the development phase in responding to human queries, this method is gaining in popularity by responding to typical questions. As a cost-saving mechanism, the Chatbot is valuable. As a personalized marketing effort, time will tell whether this AI will improve marketing efforts or otherwise.

Enhanced Personalization

Customers appreciate personalization. Personalization demonstrates customer value to companies in an environment that do not promote humanization. Large companies typically deliver greater marketing personalization due to extensive resources. Data and analytical expertise mean that big companies can deliver targeted messages and responses that customers enjoy. Chatbots aside, personalization of marketing grows profits. Major store surveys indicate that close to 80% of customers are annoyed when advertising content isn’t sufficiently customized to meet expectations. Artificial intelligence is also helping advance website personalization. Companies such as LucidVideo use AI to make personalized video previews, helping increase KPIs such as video views, time on page, and click-through rates. When it comes to digital marketing, more than the first name is needed to provide customer satisfaction. Data history, spending behavior, and analytic innovation are required to enhance the consumer experience and increase conversion rates. Studies show that up to 36% of consumers make purchases when advertising is suitably customized to their preferences.


BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. In short, BERT is Google’s latest algorithm that impacts user searches. All website owners should familiarize themselves with BERT to optimize their SEO initiatives. Without getting too complex about this trending innovation in 2020, it is focused on the user. For website searches, this means that keyword optimization can be improved on the website and its blogs. Based on NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming or language learning, BERT offers users greater accuracy from search results. Although Google does not confirm that BERT impacts SEO, logic says otherwise. Use the keywords recommended by AdWords such as Broad Match, Broad Match Modifier, Phrase Match, and Exact Match to maximize website visibility. Appreciate that site visitors are people and try to mimic their search inputs when using SEO. once you think like a person rather than an algorithm, the BERT innovation will help improve how you apply SEO and whether searches bring your website up ahead of competitors.

Voice Search on the Rise

Smartphone users are rapidly learning the benefits of using voice searches on the go. Voice assistants are convenient, and they’re smart. Digital marketing innovations such as Alexa, Siri and Google have grown over time, proving these to be excellent marketing solutions when customers conduct searches. What this means for your website is that SEO needs to be adapted for this trend. Appreciate the language used by consumers when using voice for searches. Their language is conversational, tending to be much longer than when typing searches. Include specific keywords on the site and use complete sentences as if responding to a question. Think of the questions you would ask about your website’s products and services and include responses in SEO initiatives. If you choose to add voice search to the website, make sure you use grammatically correct sentences because BERT is present as part of the language learning process. As smartphone usage increases, so will voice searches. Add this trend to your digital marketing strategy for the best results.

Influencers Continue to Trend

Although the downturn in advertising spends following COVID-19, Marketing Influencers remain popular. If your resources allow for using an influencer’s services, your website will enjoy greater popularity, visibility, and more importantly, profit growth. Although not a technological trend, Influencers are the ‘go-to’ place on social media when customers want product answers. As a digital marketing personalization mechanism, Influencers fill a large gap left by digitalization and automation. Even if you have a small-town celebrity in your vicinity, approach them to help market your services or products on social media. You can exchange products for their time spent, or request that you use their image in advertising material in exchange for a percentage of sales. Everyone wins with this method, especially if you start with a new website and establish a presence.

Final Thoughts

Digital advertising budgets continue to grow as a major element of 2020 trends. Harness the power of digital solutions to get your new business on track. Keep focused on the customer by catering to their demands. Get ahead of competitors by anticipating customer needs, and you will have a head start in building a loyal customer base over time. If needed, you can ask for help from agencies around your area. For example, if you’re in India, you can look for full services digital agency in India online.

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