Keyword Research Tools – 6 The Best And Free

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Whether you have an old website or you are launching a new site and don’t have the budget, talk to us – we can offer in-depth keyword research insight that will provide consistency and quality traffic by taking advantage of free keyword research tools.

Keyword research is not about keywords alone but also the questions and the phrases that help the targeted audience to find answers they are looking for. These questions and phrases are essential components of marketing campaigns.

The internet is full of advice on how properly to do the keyword research.

In this article, we will cover the free tools that you could try for it and we hope it will help you to create a winning content and increase your traffic in 2020.

1. Google Keyword Planner

This is the most obvious and preferred free keyword research tool. It generates an extensive volume of data while offering various suggestions. It is the most excellent tool to grow your site and produce more content.

Most importantly, the Google keyword planner provides clear and concise information.

Also, it generates crucial information on the average monthly search volumes and competition. Even though Google’s keyword planner is considered the finest, it does not show trends.

It usually shows a twelve-month history. More also, it is impossible to conduct your research on the front end since Google does not have the ability to filter the information.

google keyword planner

2. Soovle

It has a unique and cool feature that allows you to get in-depth keyword information. Like other free keyword research tools, Soovle gives a list of results of the keyword search, organic traffic, and competition What makes Soovle distinctive – it provides different sources and increases your search volume.

Also, it gives suggestions regarding your keyword search. Whether you choose Google, Yahoo, Amazon, or Bing as your defaulter, Soovle is efficient and quick keywords research tool that helps the user to review the result in a straightforward way.

Although it’s absolutely free, it does not have more advanced features for keyword analysis.

Apart from that, it gives headaches when one wants to delete part of the saved suggestions. Finally, with Soovle, one has to be patient for the information to be generated since it takes time.

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3. AdWord and SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

This is the best keyword research tool for newbies compared to others. Why so? Even if you find yourself still stuck despite having the keyword for your niche, the tools help create more content.

Along with that, it helps one become more creative and provide more information related to your search and marketing strategy.

One has to be careful when using AdWord and SEO keyword permutation generator since it does not produce a large volume of keywords unless the user feeds it the exact information.

This will help to avoid missing important information that can mislead you hence end up losing your customers.

keywords planner

4. Keyword In

Did you know you can combine your keywords? By doing so, one gets detailed keyword data. Keyword In is mainly designed for professional SEO writers.

Keyword In takes seconds to produce the results of your keyword search after the push of a button. In fact, if you’re launching a new website, Keyword In makes everything easy for you since it’s hassle-free.

Even though it easy to use, it limits data ranking and insights, favors search engine users and can dictate the content one is writing.

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5. Google Trends

If you are looking for thousands of similar keywords ideas in a couple of seconds, Google Trends is a powerful tool, even if it’s not exactly a keyword research tool specifically.

What makes it outstanding?

  • It helps in market and persona research by looking for trending topics based on your search.
  • It allows people to research before buying products.
  • It generates a list of keywords.
  • It helps find the trending topic.
  • It helps make an informed decision since it complements greatly with other tools.

While Google Trends will require you to make some educated guesses, it’s a great tool to have on hand.

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6. WordStream Free Keyword Tool

This is one of the most promising Search Engine Optimization tools. WordStream Free Keyword tool generates the keywords in a few seconds.

Its matchless features allow it to produce profitable keywords attracting more organic traffic and customers. It is not only easy to use but also allows the users to utilize misspellings keywords and phrases.

WordStream is unreliable at times, it does not offer 24/7 customer support, the support team is only available under UK working hours. New users have raised complain about multiples problems that arise now and then.

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We hope this article helps you a bit or more increase your website traffic or at least if you are newbie will give you a chance to try these great tools for free and to understand how keyword research works.

But for those who are not newbies anymore when the subject of Keyword research tools arises, there is always the right and the wrong ways to conduct your analysis an instead of getting stuck in the middle of your work just talk to us.

By doing so, our experienced team of experts will ensure you can get the right free keywords research tool for your website.

We are the best at what we do in helping the upcoming site to increase the organic traffic and ultimately achieve their success.

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