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Social Media – How to Promote Your Blog Posts on it

Blogging is a very common and loved technique adopted by digital marketers. Surely, you have tried your best to choose the best topics for your blogs. You are confident that your blogs would be highly interesting to read. However, what is the value of your blog posts when there is no reader?

You can find various sources to attract visitors to your blog posts. Still, one of the best options for you is to leverage the power of social media. Most successful bloggers, webmasters, and marketers have relied on social media platforms for promoting their blogs. 

Cross-promotion is one of the effective tricks for marketing your blog posts on social media. To do it, you have to customize your posts to send the right message to the right platform. For instance, the way in which you are addressing your Facebook followers would be different from how you send messages to Twitter followers since it gives you a chance of writing only 40 characters.

Every social network has varied options for promoting blog content. From the image size to the number of characters and everything in between. That’s why you should choose a network that best works for you.

As a WordPress blogger, you should consider using, for example, the Blog2Social plugin to simplify your social media marketing. This auto-posting and scheduling plugin can help you with the automatic sharing of blog posts on various social media platforms. Thus, cross-promotion becomes easier with this plugin. As you can predefine the schedule, the plugin will post the blogs at the right time. Moreover, it allows you to customize the format of your posts. 

How to Promote and Manage Blog Posts on Social Media

Let’s dive deep into the most popular social media platforms to get a better understanding of what makes for good cross-platform blog promotion on each of them.

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Share Your Blogs on Facebook

This social platform helps you promote blog posts on your Facebook page, groups, and your timeline. Although the contents can include a maximum of 10,000 characters, only the initial 480 characters remain visible to the readers in the preview snippet. Those 480 characters must be effective in grabbing the attention of the reader. However, shorter posts consisting of 40-50 characters can also be engaging.

Be sure to include images when promoting posts. This is a great trick to increase your reach and make Facebook users stop scrolling and stay a while to check out your post.

How often should you make Facebook posts? Some marketing studies show that it’s best to post around three times per week. And feel free to reshare popular posts every three to four months to give them more exposure.

LinkedIn Blog Posts – Find the Right Technique

You can post your LinkedIn posts in groups and on your company pages. In the case of a company page, you can write up to 600 characters. Don’t forget to insert links and images, too.

Make sure that your LinkedIn group is relevant to your blog. The relevant group will help you get to the target audience easily.

As it turns out, there are two best times for LinkedIn blog post publishing – from 4 to 6 PM and from 8 to 10 AM. During these times, you are likely to get the highest response from readers.

Tweet with Twitter Posts

With this platform, hashtags are essential, and the content of your posts can’t contain more than 280 characters. Include links and images to try and get more retweets. You have the option of adding up to 4 hashtags which will direct your post to users in your target demographic.

Post on Pinterest

When adding a description to a pin, you can write up to 500 characters. For marketing your blog, you have to insert a CTA and link it to the pin description. People will reach your website when clicking on your pin. Keep in mind that this platform might be a bit niche, and not suit certain businesses.

Other ways of promoting blogs

  • Connecting with social media influencers Whatever your blog’s niche, you can find influencers that can promote it. The more followers they can spread your content to – the better. You can start communicating with them and engage them by commenting on their posts. Alternatively, try to reach out directly and offer a partnership for promoting your content.
  • Develop a community or become a member of a community Various social networking platforms host active groups and communities that are relevant to your niche. You may also create your own group and invite social media users to join it.
  • Communicate with fellow bloggers – to improve the chances of your blog succeeding, you can partner with other bloggers and interact with them, or offer an opportunity to write a guest post.
  • Use hashtags properly – Identify the trending hashtags and keywords that are relevant to your posts on Twitter and Facebook. Keep in mind that using only two or three hashtags is best for Facebook, while more than five hashtags are effective for Instagram and Pinterest.

Final Thoughts

We have provided you with a comprehensive guide on promoting a blog on social media. Take advantage of various social media platforms and choose marketing techniques that work best for your content and target audience. But don’t forget to do it carefully because doing it the wrong way can damage your online business reputation. The goal is to get spread the word about your blog, increase traffic, and earn loyal visitors who will propel you to success. We wish you good luck but if you still feel that you need some help get in touch with us!

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