How To Create a Knowledge Base On WordPress

If you just finished setting up your business website, having space online for teaching your clients about your product or service is a must. Why don’t you start with a CMS knowledge base?

In this article, we’ll show you how to create one with WordPress hassle-free. By the end of this article, you’ll have a professional-looking knowledge base that is more than ready to answer all your customers’ questions.

What Is a Knowledge Base?

A knowledgebase is an information database that stores and manages knowledge intended for public consumption.

In a business context, it usually contains all sorts of information related to your company or business processes that you want to disclose to potential customers. In short, a knowledge base exists to help people better understand your business.

Why You Should Create a Knowledge Base?

If you think that a knowledge base has less impact than a traditional support system run by people, we beg to differ.

This particular research gathered that 70 percent of customers prefer to use a company’s online resources rather than contacting the customer support team whenever they have questions.

That’s the percentage of people you will disappoint and risk to lose as a customer if you don’t set one up.

Still not convinced? Here are the advantages of creating a knowledge base for your business.

  • Better customer experience. Ensuring that your customers are satisfied with your service is a giant step towards improving the overall customer experience. By allowing your customers to solve their problems with their preferred method of choice, they likely won’t see the event as a disheartening experience.
  • Higher customer retention. Once you have happy customers, it’s easier to convert them into returning clients. Returning customers mean higher conversion and sales rates on your end.
  • Consistency. Due to its online nature, the knowledge base will be available 24/7. Thus, you get to assist all customers equally without worrying over time differences or human resources.
  • Credibility. Your proactiveness in anticipating any future questions won’t go unnoticed by your customers. By showing that you’re committed to your business, you get to build trust with your clients much easier.

2 Easy Ways to Create a Knowledge Base with WordPress

Creating a knowledge base with WordPress is super easy. You can either use a plugin or a theme to do the job, both of which take little to no time setting up. Each method has its own pros and cons, so you might want to consider those points first before making your decision.

1. Using a WordPress Plugin

All you need to do is to install one of the WordPress plugins below, then set up the necessary configurations to establish a knowledge base.

wordpress plugins list

The downside of this method is that not all themes are compatible with this type of plugin. You might want to research the theme or simply ask the theme’s developer.

Since there are a lot of WordPress knowledge base plugins to choose from, we have gathered the three best options for you.

  1. Helpie WP. This premium plugin is perfect for creating a knowledge base that is managed through collaborative editing. You get to decide who can publish, edit, and approve the content as well as see the revision history. The editing process is also hassle-free thanks to its front-end editing feature.
  2. Heroic Knowledge Base. If you want your knowledge base to have robust search functionality, this is the right plugin for you. Its user feedback and analytics features complement the AJAX predictive live search. The data can then help you design the most efficient possible knowledge base.
  3. BWL Knowledge Base Manager. If you want a beginner-friendly option, you’d want to consider this plugin. Its responsive grid system allows you to cluster your content based on their categories. The plugin can also display information related to questions submitted by your customers.

However, using only one plugin will not bring you desired results. To succeed in leveraging your website you should take into account many different factors like user experience, conversion rate, organic traffic, etc. Check these WordPress plugins to improve your site’s performance even more!

2. Using a WordPress Theme

If you don’t want to deal with plugins, you might want to opt for this method instead. By simply installing a knowledge base-ready WordPress theme, you’ll get all the features and tools needed to create a well-functioning knowledge base right off the bat.

The theme will obviously take care of the design as well, it saves time and might provide better performance due to the use of fewer plugins on your site.

triply wordpress theme landing page

Despite the above advantages, this method requires you to create a new WordPress installation solely for this purpose. Unless you want to have a dedicated knowledge base website, you might want to reconsider the first alternative.

Here are the top three WordPress knowledge base themes worth your time.

  • Manual. This multi-purpose help desk theme can help you build not only a robust knowledge base but also FAQ and documentation sections. Its compatibility with BBPress and WPML also allows you to create a community forum and reach a wider audience regardless of their native language due to multi-language support.
  • HelpGuru. This modern-designed theme is ideal for all types of businesses. Its drag-and-drop and live theme customizer features can help you organize the content efficiently. Furthermore, the theme is also SEO-optimized and mobile-ready.
  • Flatbase. If you want to create a unique knowledge base site, this theme is for you. Aside from having various pre-made layouts to choose from, you get to customize the typography as well. Functionality-wise, this theme has an AJAX live search feature and support ticket system.

Take Your Pick!

If you own a business, having a knowledge base is a must. Not only does it enhance customer experience, but it also indirectly contributes to increasing your sales and conversion rates. Furthermore, you don’t have to be tech-savvy to create one. However, if you are still struggling to get it done by yourself, you should contact WordPress maintenance service or WordPress development company experts and ask them to give you a hand!

All in all, a knowledge base is easy to make and extremely beneficial for both you and your customers. We can’t wait for you to prove it yourself. Happy tinkering!

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