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How to Implement Attraction Marketing in Your Campaigns

As an online business owner, it’s imperative to understand different marketing methods to scale your business. With 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide, you’re competing with more and more businesses that are trying to reach the same audience as you. If you’ve tried various marketing strategies such as psychology marketing without much success, consider attraction marketing. By […]

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How to Implement Motivation Theory in Business Management

Managing people and finding ways to make them more productive are crucial parts of running a business aside from giving importance to branding and visual identity. According to a Gallup study, employees work 20% better when motivated. Because of that, employers need to determine the best strategy to raise workers’ morale. Business owners and managers […]

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Learn How Psychology Can Be Used in Business

Most businesses have plenty of various human-to-human experiences. Therefore, companies that understand and pay attention to human behaviour have more chances to be successful. This includes interactions between the company, customers, and employees. The best way to approach this matter is by using applied psychology in your business. The scientific nature of applied psychology can […]

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How Psychology Is Used in Marketing Strategies

Marketers and business owners need to be smart when finding ways to promote their products or services. One of the steps that determine the success of your marketing campaigns is developing a good marketing strategy. Aside from deciding tools and media to use for their campaigns, marketers also need to figure out how to create […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Infographic Marketing

If you had told someone 30 years ago that people would be able to communicate instantly using a handheld device that offered them access to an entire encyclopedia of information, along with almost every film or TV show that had ever been made, they would have looked at you like you were insane. That’s exactly […]

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How to Create an Influencer Marketing Strategy?

Social media is a precious resource in internet marketing. Due to its massive audience, it can help us reach out to your target market and drive more sales.  Accordingly, businesses these days rely on social media marketing as it can help them build brand awareness much faster.  Besides conducting promotion on their social media handles, […]

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Guerrilla Marketing Tips For your Business

At times it’s not enough to use conventional marketing tactics. They take a while to bring results. While you wait for your pages to rank on the search engine result pages you can score some quick wins with alternative strategies like guerrilla marketing. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about it, […]