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10 Steps for a Long-Term Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a huge part of modern marketing strategy and crucial for almost any business with an online presence. Not only does it help your website succeed in search engines like Google, but it also helps build a loyal following by providing your audience with consistent, relevant content. Sharing content regularly helps define your […]

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Why Marketing Operations Is Important for Your Business

Marketing is an integral part of every business. A company would not survive without a suitable marketing strategy, regardless of how great their product or service is. However, the marketing process is complex and consists of various layers. A business needs a well-planned strategy and good marketing operations to be able to promote its brand […]

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What Is a Brand Purpose and Why Does It Matter for Your Business?

“Branding,” “brand identity,” and “brand management” are some of the most popular marketing buzzwords in the industry. Among these, brand purpose has been getting more attention recently. Crafting a captivating brand purpose may be one of the biggest challenges for new business owners. Not only may they lack knowledge about what it means, but they […]

Context in advertising

How Important Is Context in Advertising?

Online advertising offers various advantages – among them is to better reach and attract target audiences. Most online advertising platforms also provide targeted advertising tools, which have become increasingly popular. Contextual advertising is one type of targeted advertising that has gained popularity among brands. But what is contextual advertising, and how does it work? Let’s […]

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What Is a Marketing Program and Why Is It Important for Your Business?

A marketing program refers to the overall plan covering various activities taken by a company to increase sales. This is a crucial step every business needs to go through to ensure their marketing efforts can go smoothly and achieve the desired marketing objectives. These objectives need to be strategic to fit your company’s current strengths […]

Understanding the Psychology of Selling

Psychology is a core factor every entrepreneur needs to consider when running a company. It affects various aspects of a business, including sales performance. By understanding psychology, business owners and marketers can figure out why someone buys a product, it is called the psychology of selling. This information is crucial for creating a good marketing […]

8 Best SEO Automation Tools for Your Content Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular ways to improve your online marketing efforts especially to increase traffic to your business website. This method aims to improve your exposure on the search engine results page (SERP) by adjusting your website and optimizing your content. According to BrightEdge, around 53% of all trackable […]

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Brand Attributes: 7 Easy Steps to Identify Yours

The online market is flooded with brands competing for customers’ attention. Meanwhile, people’s attention spans continue to decrease year by year. With such an issue, how can you ensure your brand sticks in the minds of your customers? And what are the most important brand attributes to have in mind? If you’ve tried various branding […]