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7 Steps to Creating a Good Media Kit for Your Business

So you’ve started a business, established an online presence, and built a brand. Yet, despite putting the effort in, you struggle to land collaborations, sponsorships, or advertisements. Or it’s the other way around – your business has grown rapidly and received plenty of collaboration opportunities but you are unsure on how to continue with the […]

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10 Efficient Ways to Promote Your Blog

Since its first appearance in 1994, blog content has grown to become the most popular online content type. According to Semrush, over 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages each month. However, bloggers still need to promote their content to the public to attract traffic. This can be a challenge, especially for those […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Repurposing Your Content In 2020

Did you know that repurposing your content can benefit your website’s performance? Content can be redesigned for different platforms and different audiences to increase awareness about your brand. In this article, we’ll explain to you the basics of repurposing content and its benefits. We’ll also present some content repurpose ideas you can try out for […]

Content Optimization For Your SEO

Content Optimization For Your SEO

SEO is vital in site ranking and a crucial aspect of content marketing that helps websites and other online pages rank higher for specific keyword searches, so content optimization is unavoidable if you wish to be found on Google Search Results. Many factors affect the rank of your content on the search engine result page. […]

Keyword Research Tools – 6 The Best And Free

Are you ready to move your website to prominent? Whether you have an old website or you are launching a new site and don’t have the budget, talk to us – we can offer in-depth keyword research insight that will provide consistency and quality traffic by taking advantage of free keyword research tools. Keyword research […]