Building Brand Awareness Using Email Marketing

Building Brand Awareness Using Email Marketing

Brand awareness is how consumers recognize, familiarize, and associate the services or products of a company under specific conditions. Small businesses and startups face stressful and overwhelming situations when it comes to building their brand awareness.

Unlike big companies, small startups lack funds to engage in rather costly marketing strategies to cement them as authorities in their niche quickly.

As such, email marketing is one way to quickly and affordably build your brand awareness. When it comes to cost-effective but efficient ways to grow your business and expanding your customer base email marketing tops the list. Whether you are a startup, an SME, or you’ve been in the industry for a while, you need to work with reputable email marketing gurus that you can rely on to make meaningful connections with your clients.

Luckily, at PRable, we have what it takes to take your business to the next level, trust in us to help you realize the full potential of your email marketing campaign. Here are some of the tips to maximize your business visibility via email marketing.

Request for Permission

Some brands engage in email marketing and send messages to the wrong audience that’s not interested in the brand Such cases result in ruining the company’s domain reputation and getting their emails listed as spam. Besides, it results in a lack of interest for potential buyers.

To curb these problems, it is essential to seek permission before adding clients to your list. Regardless of your target market, ensure you acquire valid permits to send them the intended messages. This involves setting up a proper newsletter subscription consent form that adheres to the multiple data privacy laws like GDPR.

It’s paramount to have explicit consent from the receiver. If you send out emails without consent, you may even face fines and have legal action taken against you. Many businesses fail to understand, but when reported as a spammer, you are likely to lose even more clients along the way.

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Prioritize Your Audience

Newsletters have become more frequent and hyped, making users feel inundated with too many irrelevant contents in their inboxes. The best way to go about it is by sending them valuable information.

The messages must be informative with little sellable content included. As such, begin with free resources and freebies essential in building trust and faith between you and your clients. Those who subscribe will appreciate the content you offer, providing you an opportunity to promote your brand.

Additionally, you can use the previously mentioned freebies as an incentive to sign up in the first place.

Personalize Your Messages

It is exciting to add one address after another on your list and send the notifications to your ever-increasing audience. But how can you be sure that they see your messages?

The use of segments and personalization increases the chance of your messages being opened. With hundreds of letters received by your audience members, you need to personalize yours and make it stand out from the rest. People love content that seems to solve problems they have at the moment.

The first step to personalization is segmentation. Specify who should receive which message and the approach to take. As such, personalization helps in building your brand awareness with ease. To get better insights on who makes up your audience use a reputable email marketing service provider like Mailchimp. Their in-depth analytics tools will be a great asset when figuring out how your server responds.

Meanwhile, for a free alternative, you can use tools like Google Analytics, to get even more insights into your operation, and make data-driven decisions from there.

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Sort Your List

When you send one email with all types of messages on your list, it quickly turns down your audience as they have no clue where to begin. Ensure your inventory is compartmentalized correctly based on factors such as location, relevance, and interests. For instance, if someone purchases a product, you should send messages asking for a review or rating.

Avoid sending content about the product as the information will become worthless and unprofessional. Focus on developing trust while preventing marketable ideas on your message.

Display Your Personality

Most companies out there focus on letting their audience know about what they sell without considering who they are. The brand is the center-point that describes the product and services offered.

As to grow your brand awareness through email marketing, it is crucial to go beyond recognition and dwell on your personality. Include the reasons that make your brand stand out or every email you send. Make sure to incorporate your personality. Let the company qualities and uniqueness be seen.

Also, don’t forget to reflect the brand’s personality on your logo design. Look for services as good as these ones in Belgium called “logo ontwerper” to craft a unique and memorable logo.

Remain Consistent

If you are concentrating on building your brand awareness, you have to keep the audience informed of all your business moves. Consistency makes the brand image while strengthening your relationship with your audience.

Email marketing plays a significant role in establishing brand awareness as it allows for consistency. You will interact with your clients directly while promoting and growing the relationship.

Develop A Robust CTA

After you know your target market and recognize whom to include in your list, it is now time to get the most out of your emails. To do this you need to have a compelling call to action or CTA. After your content reaches your audience, give them something to do, such as downloading an ebook, sign-up to a program, or apply for a demo.

The purpose of a CTA is to prompt them to do it and get a reward at the end. Make the process evident and easy for them to undergo. Having a compelling CTA has proven to help more brands maintain their audience and improve brand awareness.

Wrapping Up

Gaining trust and building a perfect relationship with clients at the inception and early stages of a business is definitely challenging. However, the use of email marketing has enabled startups to expand and grow into prominent companies globally. Adopting the above methods of email marketing can significantly boost your business through brand awareness.

For guidance and efficiency of email marketing towards building your brand awareness, trust us for reasonable outcomes.

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