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How to Create Brand Authenticity for Your Business

A study shows that the average brand trust for all companies declined in 2020. While this sounds worrisome, it’s possible to win back customers’ trust and build brand authenticity with some work and effort. In fact, 90% of consumers agree that authenticity is essential when choosing brands they like and support. It’s increasingly important when […]

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PPC Advertising: Which Targeting Option Is Best for Achieving Brand Awareness

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising refers to an online marketing strategy where advertisers pay a fee every time a person clicks or engages with their ads. It’s an important strategy to consider since PPC ads rank higher than many other types of digital marketing. However, it should be supported by other marketing strategies such as combining the […]

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7 Types of Copywriting Used by Marketers

Copywriting plays a significant role in digital marketing strategies. It is the process of writing promotional copy that drives people to conduct desired actions like subscribing to newsletters, clicking on provided links, and making purchases on products or services. There are various aspects to consider when creating compelling copy. Knowing the types of copywriting can […]

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10 Steps for a Long-Term Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is a huge part of modern marketing strategy and crucial for almost any business with an online presence. Not only does it help your website succeed in search engines like Google, but it also helps build a loyal following by providing your audience with consistent, relevant content. Sharing content regularly helps define your […]

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Why Marketing Operations Is Important for Your Business

Marketing is an integral part of every business. A company would not survive without a suitable marketing strategy, regardless of how great their product or service is. However, the marketing process is complex and consists of various layers. A business needs a well-planned strategy and good marketing operations to be able to promote its brand […]

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What Is a Brand Purpose and Why Does It Matter for Your Business?

“Branding,” “brand identity,” and “brand management” are some of the most popular marketing buzzwords in the industry. Among these, brand purpose has been getting more attention recently. Crafting a captivating brand purpose may be one of the biggest challenges for new business owners. Not only may they lack knowledge about what it means, but they […]

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How to Implement Attraction Marketing in Your Campaigns

As an online business owner, it’s imperative to understand different marketing methods to scale your business. With 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide, you’re competing with more and more businesses that are trying to reach the same audience as you. If you’ve tried various marketing strategies such as psychology marketing without much success, consider attraction marketing. By […]

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7 Steps to Creating a Good Media Kit for Your Business

So you’ve started a business, established an online presence, and built a brand. Yet, despite putting the effort in, you struggle to land collaborations, sponsorships, or advertisements. Or it’s the other way around – your business has grown rapidly and received plenty of collaboration opportunities but you are unsure on how to continue with the […]

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How to Improve Website Interactions for Your Online Store

Website interaction, or better known as user interaction, is how visitors navigate and engage with your website. Poor user interaction is a good indication that your website needs improvement. As an online store owner, it’s critical to provide a seamless user experience to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions. So, if you’re wondering how to […]

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